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Horde #02

We talk about INP, Astro, WebPageTest, Awesome CSS Snippets and more!

Welcome to the first edition of Hordes! My weekly and monthly round-up of performance resources and tools. We kick off 2023 strong with many useful articles, tool updates, and more.

2023 Web Framework Performance Report

So basically, this report wants to look at some accurate data to see how different web frameworks affect how fast a website loads and how users feel when using it.

They're asking questions like which frameworks are the most popular and work the best, does the framework you choose affect how well your website does on Google, and how much code you need to use the framework and how that affects your website's speed.


Interaction to Next Paint: The What and How

INP is a fancy term that measures how quickly a website reacts when you click or tap on something. It's important because it tells you whether a site feels fast or sluggish when you use it. Google thinks it's so vital that they plan to use it to rank websites instead of FID.

This means that website owners need to get on board and start making their sites INP-friendly if they want to stay ahead of the competition and give users a better experience.


6 Snippets Every Frontend Developer Should Know

Hey, have you checked out this article by Adam Argyle? He put together a list of 6 cool CSS tricks to help you solve some tricky CSS problems. The article has some really helpful tips, especially when it comes to Container Queries. You should give it a read!


Edit Response HTML in WebPageTest

Have you heard about the new "Edit Response HTML" experiment in WebPageTest Pro? It's a cool new feature that lets you play around with the HTML of your website and see how it affects performance compared to the live version.

You can use it to test all sorts of things, like moving around elements on the page, trying out different images, or testing new homepage sections. It's a significant improvement over the old "Find & Replace" experiment and makes it super easy to try different versions of your site to see what works best.


Performant Sites with Astro Islands and Headless

Check out this awesome approach to achieving fantastic web performance and a great experience for developers and users. By using Astro with a headless CMS, you can create a site that's fast, easy to develop, and simple for content creators to use. It's a win-win for everyone involved!