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Daine Mawer is a Lead Front-end Engineer at 10up, a renowned full-service agency that services the likes of Google, TIME, ESPN, and BBC America.

He is a self-taught web performance maverick who's dedicated himself to the Google initiative of making great user experience more accessible to peers who need it most.

Locally and globally, Daine is at the forefront of Front-end Engineering: helping sites achieve excellent user experience. He’s a champion in the Tech Leadership space who wants nothing more than to impart the knowledge people need to be successful online.

From the management of other front-end engineers to making calls about infrastructure, architecture, and overall best practices. Daine’s responsible for the smooth delivery of projects at 10up. His latest promotion to Web Performance Specialist sees him dedicate a portion of his time to furthering web performance both within the company and externally. This also entails writing documentation and defining best practices, as well as helping the team move forward as seamlessly as possible by creating initiatives to better the communication between clients and internal project teams.

Prior to 10up, Daine received his BA in Creative Brand Communications from Vega, got bored with visual communication alone, and then taught himself web technologies. No biggie. From there, he was Lead Trainer and then Training Coordinator at Friends of Design. Following, he was a Development Consultant and the owner of his own successful consulting company, as well as the Lead Front-end Engineer for Media24, respectively.

Daine is well-respected by his peers as being a technically-sound teacher and an invaluable resource for all front-end engineering needs. He’s a strategic thinker with a track record that proves he’s the one teams turn to when things need to go from bad to good and good to great – especially if it’s in the realm of web performance. His star-studded client list is proof of this.

An avid supporter of open source, Daine has truly embraced the community’s belief of giving back. He’s committed to helping women in the tech industry gain more foundational equality and useful skill sets, and regularly contributes tutorials and articles to major publications:

○ Envato Tuts+

○ Webdesigner Depot

○ CSS Tricks

○ WordPress

His strength lies not only in his ability to share knowledge, but in the way he – a self-proclaimed forever-student – acquires it. His aptitude for learning and his detailed understanding of Design, UX, Accessibility, and Front-end technologies are two skills that make him highly-adaptable to change. New tech stacks? No problem. Something he’s never done before? He’ll dive right in. Helping teams strategise their front-end technologies and approaches where it’s needed most? Daine’s the guy. Why? Simply put: He wants to see people succeed on their journey, so he helps them by drawing on his own.

His ethos is simple but effective: Hard work, open communication, and the willingness to stretch into positions and tasks wherever they may take him. And it’s one that’s clearly working.

What can you expect from Daine? Easy-to-digest, groundbreaking technical knowledge on front-end development – interesting new techniques for solving front-end and performance issues, including those around distributed teams (remote work) and web performance at large (how to diagnose, fix, and what to look out for). Plus, his insight into the tech industry, especially in South Africa, is distinct and indispensable – particularly as it pertains to where South Africa stands from an international perspective and how we can do better in terms of UX, Accessibility, and great tech stacks.